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Her Royal Highness Queen of the Bakwa Indu at Kasai Democratic Republic of Congo

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila:

"Q-HEALTH is the most amazing project for bringing health to people all over the world. I am excited and deeply impressed".

What users and clients say

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Analytics of Q-ratings from clients

Global Coverage

Until May 2020, Q was already successfully used in following 40 countries around the globe:

  • AFRICA: Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Botswana, DR Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, South Africa
  • EUROPE: Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Malta, Turkey, Ukraine
  • AMERICA: USA, Antigua, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Jamaica
  • ASIA: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan

Case Studies and References

from our esteemed clients
Rage, choleric, car trauma

Female, Germany (20190219): The code helped unlikely well, quickly and within a day I was back in peace, peace and actionable.

Head and neck pain, right shoulder stiffness, stress due to excessive demands and lack of boundaries

Female, Germany (20190304): The Qode helped very quickly, very effectively. I was quickly freed from the pain.

Back muscle aches due to unfamiliar cycling and computer training, heart like sore

Male, Germany (20190317): After 20 min. all complaints disappeared!

Colic, intestinal, loss of appetite

Male, Germany (20190311): It worked immediately and stopped

Cellulite and body fat, allergies, pain in left ankle and foot

Female, Germany (20190402): Allergies subsided quickly

Inflammation at anus, inflammation at finger, restless, depressed, fear of loss

Male, Germany (20190404): Pain / inflammation became much better after 2 days.


Nausea, dizziness, tension

Female, Germany (20190421): The code helped reliably and very quickly. I was immediately operational again.

leached out, pain when peeing, often on the toilet

Female, Germany (20190104): all good again

Frustrated by lack of community, scratching at self-esteem

Female, Germany (20181228): total change to the good

I fell down sidewise, right foot bended over, bruises

Female, Germany (20190529): Humped through the house in the morning - back to normal in the evening, pain only "recoverable" through extreme movements

Heart pain, stumling heart - fatty liver

Female, Germany (20190713): Helped very well!

Coughing - running nose - sleepiness

Female, Germany (20190423): fast improving symptoms

wetting wound, head pressure, knocking heart

Female, Germany (20190701): Wound healed very fast.

Freezing - fevery - all is too much

Male, Germany (20190530): Had illness feeling, fever, and all was too much. Only being in bed was possible. After looking at the qode I sleep 12 hours and fever was gone. Feel much better. Great!

Pain in right upper stomach. Hyperemesis gravidarum. Depression.

Male, Germany (20190121): I slept very well. My moods are remarkably better. Just the appetite should also come back. Pain in stomach gone.

Long sitting. Pain in thoratic spine. tired eyes.

Female, Germany (20190115): After 5 minutes all symptoms just gone. Got instead some kidney problems. will wait a bit and maybe take tomorro a Q against it.

cough, tired, hot flashes

Female, Germany (20190107): I did. Not cough the Night!

Electro-hypersensitive, frozen shoulder, sleep disorders

Female, Germany (20190102 - frequent User of Q: 17 Q within 5 months):

So far I have only had good experiences with Q. It works simple, fast and very gentle. I thank everyone who gave this miracle to the world.

Sore throat, mucus in the throat, fatigue

Male, Germany (20181213):

A lot has changed over the night. The sore throat disappeared and the signs of a cold suddenly disappeared.

Runny nose, cooled out, fronthead pain

Female, Germany (20181208):

Been gone overnight.

negative thoughts in the evening, doubts about me, inner conflicts

Male, Germany (20181205):

The next evening I had hardly any problems.

Dry irritative cough ...

Male, Germany:

"My problem was: Dry irritative cough, dry itchy skin on neck and armpits, physical weakness.

This Q I felt was best until now." Probably because of frequent usage. "My cough was defeated and there are only remnants left. Physically I felt better, stronger again. The appetite was back. I could start Sport again. Also on the neck and arm bends, a lot has developed in a very positive direction. You hardly see anything anymore."


Male, Germany:

Rheumatic based swollen finger joints

"Already the next day after taking Q the fist closing was already possible on awakening in the morning. In the last few weeks (because of the rheumatic bumps), this was only possible after a few hours. Impressive!"

Nerve pain ...

Male, 57 years, Germany:

Nerve pain right thigh, sore throat left, very tired and strained

"Already after one hour nerve pain significantly better. Again can endure fabrics on my skin. Sore throat and tiredness the next day gone. Re-fit. just some rest of nerve pain."

Frequent headaches

Male, 23 years, Kenya:

"Best medicine!"

cramps in stomach ...

Male, 21 years, Germany:

cramps in stomach, burning itchy sweat on neck and armpits

"I am positive now. My body has become strong. After this first deterioration, it has become even better than before. Especially the problems with sweat have also improved significantly. There were no more cramps in the stomach since then. I have become much more positive over the past few weeks."

Heart attack

Male, 53 years. Germany:

"I work 50-60 hrs per week under stress since many years. Few months ago, I had a heart attack on a weekend with massive pain in the breast. I went to cardiologist immediately. The investigation brought up a clear result: immediate surgery necessary (setting stents into the heart venes for better blood flow). I was brought to specialized heart clinic same day. Doctors at heart clinic made their own tests and came to same results. However, I was stubborn and wanted to avoid the operation. So I called for a Q. I consumed the Q in the night whilst in hospital. Next morning before surgery, doctors agreed on a MRT to triple check on the case and to convince me. To the big surprise of the doctors audience, the disfunction of the heart could not be found anymore. I could go home without the foreseen classical medical actions. Thanks to the Q. Three weeks there was no pain anymore. Whenever heart pain comes back again, I ask for a new Q. With that treatment the painless periods are getting longer and longer. I am happy."

Back pain

Female, 50 years, Kenya:

"I always had strong, almost chronic pain at lower back after bending or long walking, maybe because I have to stand so much in school. After taking Q pain was gone and I could walk long or bend without problems. Whenever the back pain comes back, I took a new Q to heal it. This is amazing."


Male, 62 years, Kenya:

"I got Asthma herited. I have bigger breathing problems during attack. Also uncomfortable caughing and sneezing. I took a Q on recommendation and it helped me during attack. I will continue to use it."

High blood pressure

Female, 49 years Kenya:

"I had cronic high blood pressure. Symptoms are eye sight problems and persistant headache, which is restricting my radius of action. After I used Q I have not experienced the strong headaches and even my doctor is surprised....my pressure used to go up to 220 over 180...right now its mostly 110 over 90. To my big surprise I can say it works nicely."


Female, 32 years, Kenya:

"I had six days heavy constipation and could not go to toilet. I tried everything: drinking litres of water, making sports, consuming salt waters. Nothing helped. It felt not good and I was desperate. Then I ordered a Q and I am super happy now. I could go to toilet now already 3 times since 5 a.m. until 11 a.m. Woww. I am astonished."


Female, 45 years, Kenya:

"av bn very sick suffering from malaria and typhoid and right now very weak. All of Easter holidays I was bedridden. the malaria was very strong and inspite of the prescribed medication the recovery was too slow...a short while ago I use Q and feeling a remarkable change now. I am greatful.”

Erschöpfung - Exhaustion

Ulrike, Germany:

My problem was physical and psychological exhaustion plus stress without reason and no tolerance for frustration. After taking Q, it took few hours and I felt a lot better. A couple of days and I was feeling fine again.

Headache, Pressure, Resistance

Julia, Germany:

All symptoms have resolved. I am excited.

Blown up stomach ...

Margot, Germany:

Blown up stomach and intestinal, no appetite, nightmares

"Nightmares were resolved. Other symptoms deteriorated."

Disc Prolapse

Jerry, Germany:

"Slipped Disc slipped from left to right. lumbar spine pressure. pimples on face and irritable mood. Immediately after use of Q pressure ceased magically. The next day after jerky movement the pain is minimal again. There then an experience that makes me aware of the reason of the back pain and gradually the pain disappears again. Great!"

Weak self-confidence

Male, Ro, Germany:

"At the moment I have a weak self-confidence, stress in my job and negative thoughts. After taking Q I found methods and possibilities to avoid negative thoughts."