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How does Q work?

Activating self-healing powers
The way Q works: QR-Code gives impulse to brain and heart to support finding body cells being in disorder and thus activating the self-healing powers of the human body.
How to use the Q
  1. Choose in menu "Buy Q"
  2. Describe your status brief and precise in your own words with at least 3 different symptoms out of your current situation (body, mind, soul).
  3. After payment you should use your Q within 12 hours latest.
  4. Once you used Q one time, the healing information is given like an invisible injection.
  5. Using the same Q more often makes no sense and is not possible. It would neither enhance functionality nor performance.
  6. Before you let the Q run, ensure that you find a silent room or corner, where nobody will disturb you for just 2 minutes.
  7. You have to concentrate and focus on the Q once started.
  8. Kindly be aware that the Q will have 3 short white breaks inbetween on purpose. However, stay concentrated even in breaks until the end, when you will be told that the Q finished.
  9. If you had to stop and break up the running Q, then you should consume the Q again under "My Q" to make it work.
  10. 12 hours after ordering, the Q cannot be watched anymore. You would have to order a new Q then. Your life situation will also change within a day.
Scientific principles
Immune System

Our health bases on our immune system. Our immune system bases on different immune cells. These cells are produced in different parts of the body (Thymus gland = T lymphocytes, Spleen and Bones = B lymphocytes). These cells care for our health.

Thymus Gland

Very important to our health is the thymus gland. It sits in the region of our heart. The thymus gland loses its capacity, when we grow up. This fact is one of the main reasons, why we get sicker, when we get elder. The possibility to get diseases is higher, because the thymus gland looses its power. 

Our heart

The close contact between thymus and our heart is very important. Our heart controls the thymus. When our heart closes, the thymus closes too.

Qodes ("Q")

The Qodes reopen this healthy channel for us, establishing a close connection between the heart and the thymus. Deep in our heart is a message center, that is easily able to read atmospheres, feelings, thoughts, and, most important for us, Qodes. This message center activates the thymus gland and reawakens it. With a healthy thymus you can live a very long time, without having too much health problems. But our thymus needs to stay healthy for that, and this will do the Q for you. The more often you use these Qs, the more often your thymus gets stimulated and the more healthy you become. 


To find the right Qode for you, the message Center in our heart needs at least 3 informations from you. Out of theses 3 symptoms a triangle is formed. This triangle tells us what you need. It works like a GPS-System in your smartphone. It needs 3 satellites to tell exactly where you are. If it has only one or two satellites, the system has to guess. The possibility to fail comes in. To use the Qodes effectively, you need to learn to function like this GPS-System:

  • You can use different parts of your body (for example: headache, nausea and fungus at your feet).
  • You can use physical symptoms, emotional and spiritual (stomach, Ulcera, stress, depression).
  • You can use physical symptoms and your surroundings (backpain, sweating, too hot).   
Whatever you choose, when you have three totally different symptoms, the Qode will work. In the beginning the thymus might still be weak, so reaction on the Qodes may be a bit poorer. But in time this will change, when the thymus starts working again.
Cell Cleaning

Then it will start to clean your body cells. When the thymus regains strength again, you will get healthier day by day. The Q will help to build up the thymus again and your stamina. In time you will get younger and healthier, when you stay at this method. 

Reason Why

The reason why we use Q for Health is, that this method is the only method, that works this way. There is no other method, that can revive your immune system like this method does. The other reason is, that we can send Q wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection.

Maybe you also experienced such situations:
  1. Difficulty to get a doctors appointment in time or when needed (sometimes weeks to wait).
  2. Time consuming and stressful travel to doctors location.
  3. Enormous waiting times and long queues at doctors, clinics and hospitals.
  4. Sometimes not satisfying consultation.
  5. Sometimes insufficient medicine or wrong diagnosis.
  6. 2-Level medicine penalizing the poor.
  7. High cost per treatment (travel cost, consultation, medicine).
  8. Healing success depending to medical access, money and level of treatment.
  9. All your most intimate health data and your identity are documented either in paper or in IT files and always accessible for someone, even without your knowledge.
Your advantages by using Q:
  1. No doctor appointment necessary. 24/7 availability of Q if internet access. You get healing support right away in the moment you need it.
  2. No travel needed. Get help right there where you are. Extremely time and cost efficient.
  3. No waiting time at all.
  4. Digitalized individual online consultation.
  5. Best medicine for everyone. Instead of Diagnosis, Q fights the source of your symptoms. The performance of the treatment depends to good triangle description of your health situation.
  6. Same high priority for every client. No different classes.
  7. Very low cost per treatment.
  8. High healing success quota.
  9. Your health data and your identity are anonymous and not assignable.
Other useful infos

Kindly be aware:

  • Q definitely has no side effects.
  • Q can be used for psychological, physical and emotional issues.
  • For best effects, believe in Q, use it correct and frequently.
  • Q cannot guarantee a cure, because besides Q many other parameters influence the healing success positively or negatively.
  • If you don't adjust your lifestyle to your specific health status, then neither classical medicine nor Q can help.
  • Don't expect a positive effect if you don't use Q correct or if you gave wrong or insufficient input or not enough triangle info about your situation.
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Cigarettes have definitely negative impact on all healing processes.
  • Q is an individual one-time consumption Qode for you in that specific moment only. It will never work on any other person besides yourself.
  • Even if you get the same health issue again at a later time, you need to get a new Q, because your life situation changed and developed further.
  • Dealing with Q is senseless. A dealed Q will have no effect. So if somebody is offering you used Qs or screenshot Qs, you can be sure that it won't work at all. Not even on yourself.
  • Parallel classic medical treatments such as injections, pills, surgeries will probably influence the Q performance.
  • Q strongly supports the healing process after classical medical treatments by strenghtening the self-healing powers.
  • Q might not help in all critical or uncomfortable life situations.
  • Q is not based on hypnosis.
  • Q is based on German Science and respects gods laws and nature. There is no diabolism behind it at all.

We hope the above chapters could clarify all your questions about Q. However, we will build up FAQ based on all the additional questions you may send us by email, or which may reach us by Facebook. Your questions and feedbacks are always very welcome.

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