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your personal smartphone health assistant
  • digital healing support
  • helps everywhere, anytime
  • whenever health issues arise
  • saves time, energy, money
  • increases healing efficiency
  • real-time visual brain impulse
  • restores damaged body-cells
  • activates self-healing powers
Smart innovation made in Germany

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what is Q?

Epigenetics & Alternative Healing

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Kazakhstan: Gregori Grabovoi

Healthy cells shine

Health is Wealth. Health is the single most important requirement for all success in life. Healthy people are powerful. Healthy people are happy because they have the ability to help not only themselves but others.

The divine mission of this App is to help everyone with health issues heal as quickly as possible. Too many people in the world still suffer, excluded from adequate medical treatment and/or have no access at all to medical care.

Digital support for the self-healing powers of the human body is an easy and practical solution. We support the World Health Organisation goal no. 3 (to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages) and no. 10 (to reduce all inequalities regardless of sex, race or ethnicity).

German Scientists have now achieved a startling breakthrough in facilitating healing energies within the body via use of powerful healing energies in a visual pattern the human body can read. Just three distinct, separate symptoms are required as input to generate a QR-Code (or "Q") that resonates uniquely with each individual changing symptoms of disease to a state of renewing health. The more often the Q is used, the more profound the results will be.

Each Q has the power to deliver a personalized visual impulse through the eyes (being the windows of the soul) to the brain and to the heart, which manage the immune cells. With the input of Q, the self-healing powers of the human body are stimulated, supported and empowered. Q helps to find, identify, re-organise, renew and repair cells from a state of disorder back into a state of Health.

We are proud to present this state-of-the-art, user-friendly healing App.

Available everywhere at anytime for everybody. 

Just register or log-in and describe your health issue via "BUY Q".

The impact we wish: Health for all! Your feedback is welcome.

Start with our FREE GIFTS

Info about free Q

To get confidence about Q healing method, and to get used to Q-Usage we offer 3 free Q for first trials, that will help you nicely to flow through daily life.


It is a special honor for us to proudly provide 3 free Q as a gift for your general well-feeling. Each Q can have wonderful impact in your life. All 3 gifts can be used right away and as often as you want from inside the following yellow gift boxes.


If the Q might not have positive impact on you, or if you don't feel improvement anymore, then you might have to register and order a specific individual Q for yourself.


After your are registered, Q is very easy to use:


  1. Type in your 3 most relevant symptoms of sickness
  2. Get a specific QR-Code in real-time on your smartphone
  3. Watch the QR-Code carefully
  4. Your inner body healing process will start or be supported 
Freedom Q

Just press the red button hereunder to run the Qode:


Gift 1:

Free Q for FREEDOM


This Q gives you freedom for your soul, your mind and your body. So the energy can flow wherever it likes to flow. Especially free mind flow. It provides a good general feeling.

Sometimes you experience pressure or blockades somewhere. Then you should use SelfClearing Q. If SelfClearing Q does not work, then use SelfRecovery Q.

Self-Clearing Q

Just press the red button hereunder to run the Qode:


Gift 2:



If you realize, that there is some blockade inside you, then you should use the Q for SELF-CLEARING to remove the blockade. It will help to remove debris from the interstitial of the cells. Thereafter you can again use the Q for freedom for optimal energy flow within your body.

Self-Recovery Q

Just press the red button hereunder to run the Qode:


Gift 3:



When the energy did not flow correctly for a long time, then there will be dead cells, blocking the energy flow. For these cells you can use the Q for SELF-RECOVERY to revive them. It will help the organism to recover. After using this q you could start again using the Q for freedom.