naturopathic digital help against

CORONA virus

Scientists, virologists and other specialists are analyzing the CORONA virus carefully. It is the global run to find a counter measure or vaccination against this horrible virus. We keep our fingers crossed that they succeed soonest possible.
However, this can take many months. In the meantime we are happy to help everybody for free with our QR-Code to prevent from being infected by CORONA and to help being healed faster from it in the early stages of being infected.
How does that work? Based on the unique naturopathic Gienow method and on the typical symptoms of Corona, we created a specific QR-Code. This Qode (if watched carefully as adviced by us) will give an impulse via the eyes to brain and heart to activate the self-healing powers of the human body and the immune function of the relevant body cells that are involved.
Please just take care, that you focus the Qode carefully for total 72 seconds in sequences as described hereafter. You can use it once per day. Either prophylactic, or when you feel any symptoms, or after receiving a positive diagnosis result.
It is worth a trial and costs nothing, besides 72 seconds of your valueable lifetime.
After watching the Qode carefully and correctly, the relevant body cells are activated to either prevent from getting infected by the virus or to support the healing from Corona. Your feedback, experiences and questions are appreciated via
Last but not least: We seriously recommend you to follow government advices and rules about home “cocooning”, social distancing and careful hand washing with soaps or tenside based washlotions. Thank you very much.
Kindly watch the upfollowing Anti-Corona Qode that way: 
- 11 seconds watching
- 3 seconds closed eyes
- 15 seconds watching
- 3 seconds closed eyes
- 17 seconds watching
- 3 seconds closed eyes
- 18 seconds watching
- 2 seconds closed eyes.